Nobex Proman Mitre Saw: A Closer Look

Looking for a fine woodworking mitre saw suitable for your school's workshop? Look no further: the Nobex Proman Mitre Saw is here!

Crafted in Sweden, this precision instrument is a game-changer for Design & Technology classes, offering unparalleled accuracy for woodworking, plastic, and non-ferrous metal projects. While the Proman Mitre Saw presents an array of benefits, it's equally important to understand and emphasize safety measures in a school workshop setting. Let's delve into the features that make the Nobex Proman Mitre Saw an indispensable addition to the classroom, along with essential precautions to ensure a secure learning environment.

The Nobex Proman Mitre Saw Advantage:

Length Stop and Optional Accessories:

The Proman Mitre Saw features a length stop designed for mitre cuts, with a maximum length at 45 degrees reaching up to 730mm. Additionally, an optional length stop is available for a maximum of 1265mm, offering further versatility for larger projects.

Indexable Mitre Angle Setting:

The Nobex Proman Mitre Saw introduces an indexable mitre angle setting, allowing users to achieve precise and repeatable mitre cuts. This feature simplifies the process of adjusting angles, ensuring accuracy with every cut.

Compound Angles:

With the ability to cut 45 degrees right and left compound angles, the Proman Mitre Saw expands the horizons of project possibilities. This flexibility enables students to explore a wide range of design options, encouraging creativity and innovation.

Pre-set Locking for Multiple Angles:

Streamlining the cutting process, the Nobex Proman Mitre Saw comes with pre-set locking for 15, 22.5, 30, 36, 45, and 90-degree mitre cuts. This not only enhances efficiency but also facilitates quick and accurate adjustments for various project requirements.

Stability and Precision:

The precision-moulded table and low-friction blade guides contribute to the stability and accuracy of every cut. This design ensures that students can execute their projects with confidence, knowing that the Nobex Proman Mitre Saw provides a reliable platform for their craftsmanship.

Safety Features:

Safety is paramount, and the Proman Mitre Saw incorporates an automatic saw suspension for the safe positioning of workpieces. Paired with a fast-action work clamp, this tool prioritizes the well-being of students while maintaining an efficient workflow.

Safety Precautions

Improper Training:

Ensure that students receive comprehensive training on the proper usage of the Proman Mitre Saw. Lack of understanding can lead to unsafe practices and potential accidents.

Lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

Emphasize the importance of wearing appropriate PPE, including safety glasses and hearing protection. Remind students to secure loose clothing and tie back long hair to prevent entanglement with the saw.

Unstable Workpieces:

Before making any cuts, students should ensure that the workpiece is securely clamped or stabilized. Unstable materials can lead to inaccurate cuts and pose a safety risk.

Cluttered Workspace:

Maintain a clean and organized workspace. Remove debris and scraps regularly to ensure a clear line of sight and safe operation.

Ignoring Safety Features:

Encourage students to use the automatic saw suspension and fast-action work clamp provided by the Proman Mitre Saw. Ignoring these safety features can compromise the well-being of users.

Overlooking Maximum Lengths:

Remind students of the maximum length capacity, especially when making mitre cuts at various angles. Exceeding these limits can compromise the accuracy of cuts and pose a safety risk.

Neglecting Repeat Length Stop:

Reinforce the use of the repeat length stop for consistent and precise measurements. Neglecting this feature may result in inaccuracies in the project.

Using Incorrect Accessories:

Students should use the provided accessories and blades designed for the Proman Mitre Saw. Using incorrect accessories can lead to suboptimal performance and compromise safety.

The Nobex Proman Mitre Saw is not just a tool; it's a precision instrument that elevates the educational experience in school workshops. Its innovative features, coupled with safety-conscious design, make it an ideal companion for students venturing into the world of woodworking and design.

To secure this exceptional tool for your school, consider pre-ordering from Tools For Schools and empower your students to achieve precision and excellence in their hands-on projects while prioritizing their safety.

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