Robotics for Education

Magician Robot

The Magician is the world's first desktop grade 4-axis robot. It can perform a wide range of tasks such as 3D printing, laser graving, calligraphy and drawing. 13 interface ports are available to support secondary developement, lab projects and robotics curricula.

Studies such as robotic systems, the DH convention, control of robot movement and robot programming can be taught to different levels of students. A variety of application scenarios can be developed through the use of programming software and hardware accessories.

Magician Lite Robot

The Magician Lite is a multi-functional lightweight intelligent robotic arm made for K12 education. Students can interact with the Magician Lite using software, hardware and expansion interfaces to maximize their creative freedom. Through the process of buidling and playing, they can learn how AI and robots work. They will also be introduced to the world of robotics and how robots can be applied in the real world.

Magician Go Mobile Platform

The Magician Go is a mobile platform that can be combined with a Magician Lite to enable mobility to the robotic arm. It has two AI powered cameras, located at the front of the chassis and attached to the tip of the robotic arm, to allow for more application scenarios.

Recommended Robots

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Complete Curriculum

Complete courses that work seamlessly with our educational robots to help students learn through a structured program so they get the most out of our education offerings.

Complete Ecosystem

Optional Writing and Drawing Kit, Robot Vision Kit, AI Teaching Kit, Basic AI Kit, Sliding Rail Kit, Conveyor Belt Kit, Industry 4.0 Kit provide a more comprehensive and extended learning experience.


Ready to Go

Setting up Dobot’s education robots takes less than 20 minutes. Have students come to for a lab session or bring the setup to where the students are.

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