Scope 02: New & Emerging Technologies for Education

The Scope 02 was a roaring success. In the latest episode our virtual expo focussed on new and emerging technologies for education, especially in the STEAM and Woodworking arenas.

We were extremely lucky to have THE Bruce Jackson talk to us about exciting developments in 3D Printing, VR, laser cutting, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

We also had our very own Dave Elford, who showed us the amazing SawStop technology from FESTOOL. The ever-popular Dave brought his decades of experience to the table... saw!

Discover how to equip your students with the essential skills of real world problem solving.

The products mentioned in the Expo can be found online here:
Emblaser 2
Kai's Clan (coming soon)
3D Scanners
3D Printers
Festool Products
Festool SawStop Technology
Festool Extractors
Festool Domino Systems
Festool Guide Rails