Why is Radiata Pine known as 'The Remarkable Pine'?


Why is Radiata Pine known as ‘the Remarkable Pine’?

Radiata Pine

Also known as: Monterey Pine, Insignis Pine, Wilding Pine

Radiata pine (Pinus radiata) was originally named Pinus Insignis or ‘Remarkable Pine’; a fitting title considering how important its role is in so many industries today.

The Radiata Pine is native to a thin stretch of coast in southern California and on two small islands off the coast of Mexico. It was introduced to Australia as early as the Gold Rush in the early 1850s.

In the ensuing years, the North American native has gained enormous popularity as a plantation tree all over the world, especially in New Zealand, Chile and Australia. In fact, it is now one of the most widely grown exotic timber species globally, with combined plantations covering some 3.7 million hectares.

Radiata pine’s popularity stems from the fact that it is a fast growing and high yield softwood, which is both easy to use and impressively versatile. The wood is also easy to treat and stain.

The tree is medium-sized, growing anywhere between 15 to 60 metres tall. The timber’s heartwood is light brown to yellow; the sapwood white to pale yellow. The grain is usually straight, but knots can be common.

Radiata Pine is widely used for a large range of structural and decorative applications including framing, lining, flooring, roofing, furniture, veneer and plywood. If properly treated it is also suitable for outdoor uses, such as garden fencing, outdoor furnishing, decking, window sashes, and much more.

Furthermore, there is very little wastage with Radiata Pine. While the wood is used in construction, landscaping, interior finishing and furnishing projects, the tree bark is used to make adhesives (bark tannins are an ingredient in adhesives). The wood pulp is perfect for papermaking. It can also be found in products like fire starters, garden mulch and potting mixes. And, in its natural form it can be found in rows as wind brakes, or for erosion control, and as our annual favourites - Christmas trees.

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