The Longest Bridge Competition



Competition Time: Longest Bridge Competition

The school will receive:
$500 Tools for schools voucher and a trophy

To enter, spend $200 on laser materials, such as a Bamboo Ply, Carboard and Acrylic Sheets .

Time Frame
The completed project must be submitted by the end of the school term 2020, and the winner will be announced early next year, 2021.

- Must only be measured between the Longest span (photos/video must be provided for evidence, with a verifiable measuring tool, such as a tape measure)
- Must be self-supported

The bridge must only be made from:
- Tools for Schools Bamboo Plywood
- Tools for Schools Poplar Plywood
- Tools for Schools Radiata Plywood
- Tools for Schools Cardboard sheet
- Tools for Schools Acrylic
- String
- Wire
- Glue
- Nails & Screws

Presentation must include:
A Portfolio including:

Cover Page
- Your cover page should contain the title of your project and a picture of your project

Brief (around 4-5 sentences)
- The design brief of the project you selected. For example if you had chosen a to make your bridge like the Sydney harbour bridge, explain why you chose this design to enter into the longest bridge competition

- Show evidence that you have investigated and researched how to make this bridge have the longest span

Development of design – 2-4 possible solutions
- You must have between 2 and 4 possible designs. Have a page per design and include sketches/pictures, positives and negatives about the design.

Final solutions
- Give a brief explanation of why you chose this design and include 3d drawings of you design

List of materials
- List all the materials you have used in the design including your suppliers and costings

Tools used
- Make a list of all the tools used to make your bridge, also include photos

- Include all the safety requirements whilst building the bridge, and also a list with photos of the safety equipment used during the project

- Reflect back on the project and evaluate how you thought the overall project went, and what changes you would make if you were to do this project again.