The King of Saw Sharpeners is Here

17 Nov 2016

The state-of-the art Loroch K850-T saw sharpening machine has reached Australian shores.

Tools for Schools, has recently installed this technological marvel, making it the first of its kind the southern hemisphere.

The K850-T takes full advantage of its innovative direct drive grinding technology, which provides maximum performance while eliminating vibrations.

It sharpens HSS saws and segmental saws in addition to friction and solid carbide saws. The K850-T will easily re-sharpen thin kerf metal cutting saw blades with chip guiding notches (carbide-tipped and CERMET type TK saws – including grinding of the spoon face). The machine can also automatically grind the chamfers after re-sharpening or re-toothing of saws. An additional saw support device at the grinding point ensures completely symmetrical chamfering even on blades that are not perfectly plane.

This machine even impressed Tools for Schools’ seasoned pros, with one saying that it was “unreal”, and another echoed its German pedigree by saying that it was “wunderbar.”

Ring 1800 677 344 or email to see how the Loroch K850-T can assist you in your sharpening needs.


Mike Hepburn

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